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Hit the road Ken June 15, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.


This is Jamil, Ken’s khaleeji cousin. I’d say Ken is up for some competition. But then again Jamil is a friend of Jamila (it says so on the box) so Ken shouldn’t have to worry about Barbie. But then again…you never know. Found Jamil hanging out in Panda supermarket last night. He sure is a cutie.

Two days left until we go to Sweden. Feels great, only one thing missing now.





1. Dubbelornen - June 15, 2007

This must be one of Bush’s favourites for his grandchilds 😉

Weather is lovely, +23, fresh air, everything is blooming, and we are all welcoming you home *hughs*

2. Sous - June 15, 2007

🙂 thank you my favorite eagle 🙂 . I am so looking forward to it! Maybe I should finish my packing :P.

3. Ammar - July 18, 2007

loool, pretty funny actually

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