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Bahrain ooh yeah! May 14, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

Today, the day has come. It’s the day when I can leave the kingdom and go for some fresh air in Bahrain. Not that we have received little ones Swedish passport oooh nooo but we have added her to her fathers Lebanese passport. The cute thing was when he received it after she was added and the guy who fixed it goes -Oh and now she has to come with you every time you travel. And he was serious. Cus that’s what they had told him at the “bridge” when he came to sort our out multiple exit and re-entry visas. Needless to say it’s not true…

I haven’t been out of Khobar since mid January and hmm I don’t know what to say… I am becoming numb? Or perhaps crazy? Surely the guy that took our parking and had me jumping out of the car shouting at him the other day would agree to that. Ah, anyway.

The other day by the pool a Lebanese lady walked up to me and started talking. She asked how long I have been here and if I like it. I replied how long and that since I before this lived in Beirut didn’t find this too nice actually. Then I asked her the same… She replied that she had been here for 23 years and that I will soon learn to like it. Ugh! How, I thought? I did feel a little mean since after 23 years in a place you surely consider it to be home.
Later I thought about what she had said and asked myself what difference time will make in this case. I mean, in one year I  will still depend on men to get anywhere here and I still won’t be able to drive. In two years this society will still look pretty much the same (no offence if you like it but it’s not my cup of tea) and it’s a society run by only men visible(are there actually any women living here?). In three years time I will still be stared upon like a piece of meat by desperate men from all around the globe ‘cus I’m showing my face and hair. In four years time I will still have to sit behind walls in dark places and have my coffees and my lunches when I eat out. I will probably have lost my dress sense and will wear I don’t know what cus who cares when you have to wear an abaya everywhere aaaaaand in five years time I will most likely jump off the bridge between the kingdoms (watch me flyyyy aaaaah!).
So what difference will it make?
What does one do here for 23 years?

Anyway I will go and pack now and in a few hours I will roll down my window and let the wind tangle my hair as I am heading towards Manama.



1. Dubbelörnen - May 14, 2007

Jag får en ångestklump i magen av att läsa detta!!! 23 år ???!!! Har man formats till en zombie…

Nä Sous, du ska ut därifrån innan du blir en zombie!!! Annars hämtar jag dig personligen 😉

Tack o lov att ni äntligen kommer ut o till Bahrein o får andas frisk luft…


2. Ishtar - May 15, 2007

Hej du! Upptäckte precis din blogg, intressant! Håller helt med att efter 23 år så är man antingen en del av landet eller så är det nog dags att åka vidare… Hur länge planerar ni att stanna? Och varför just Saudi Arabien?

3. Sous - May 16, 2007

Haha Du far garna komma o hamta mig dar nar jag aker tillbaka :).
Hoppas allt ar val med dig.


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