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Our maid! April 21, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

Our maid has finally arrived. She came last night and she is from Indonesia. We didn’t find out until a few hours before that she was arriving but heey you can’t really expect good service in this country.They didn’t even tell us her name before she came. She is 30 years old and has 4 kids that she has left back in Indonesia. Hmm really sad that people have to do that.  It does feel a little odd to have another person in our house even if I knew that it was coming. It doesn’t feel odd on the other hand to have a sparkling clean kitchen 24/7.

In any case, alhamdulilla she is great so far. Unfortunately she doesn’t speak English but she does speak Arabic but uuh I don’t. Any Arab would have laughed his head off hearing me trying to communicate in Arabic today. Like these are the words I have used…akil, jouanee, sghrir,lahza, harr kteer and some other things…… try to figure out what they mean! They are spelled as bad as I pronounced them. At some points I just used sign language and English and that worked just fine.

Now all we need is little ones passport and all will be hunky dory(until next time I have a fit over how people drive).



1. Saudi Stepford Wife - April 21, 2007

We didn’t know our’s was coming till she’d already been here, sitting in the office, tired and hungry, for over 6 hours.

It might be a good thing she knows arabic, it’ll make you practice your’s. Practice makes perfect:)

2. Sous - April 21, 2007

Sure does :). I’m going to have to go through my old Arabic notes from when I took a course in Lebanese Arabic in Beirut last year :P. Hope that will make a difference.

3. Dubbelörnen - April 22, 2007

Underbart – GRATTIS!!!! Äntligen ett ljus i mörkret… bara passet kvar o lyckan är fullkomlig… el inte… el vaddå… el vänta bara… el kanske bara.. el jomenvisst…

Vännen massor med kramar fr din super-fan…

4. Sous - April 22, 2007

Tack gumman 🙂 . Du e bästast! Hoppas ni mår bra där hemma i våren.

5. Trine - April 23, 2007

Good for you! But – can’t you choose your own maid??

My newest post is questions I have about Saudi and life there… please pop by and see if you can help me out somehow with your experience from the Kingdom! 🙂 Thanks!

6. grey - July 8, 2007

need translation help from me? i am indonesian and live at jubail (near..eh). like first word needy is “come here” is “kemari” but pronounced like you say coKE – sMAsh – RIot. (only pronounce the big letters please). anything else, contact me at my email. it is free and fun. just trying to help. i like your pages here. help me in first place when i move to saudi.

7. grey - July 9, 2007

sorry, not RIot, but RIver would be better pronounced

8. Sous - July 11, 2007

Cheers Grey 🙂 Really nice of you. I am happy you had some use for the pages . I read somewhere that Indonesian is one of the easiest languages to learn by the way (due to the grammatical structure I think it was). Wonder if that is true?

9. grey - July 14, 2007

from my experience.. one of my japanese friend can speak basic conversations in 2 months. so, you interested to learn something? just give me the english, i try to give you the indonesian with similar english pronounciation. i did that too to our clinic at jubail. the filipino nurses hard to communicate with indonesian maid while they check the health. it’s kinda a balance for your nice blog here (i really use it a lot as reference). email me. thanks.

10. grey - September 24, 2007

still has the maid? me at greysiagreysia@yahoo.com

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