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Smiley sunday April 16, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

I had a effing crap afternoon. Technology seldom works as one expect here!#$$%%. Just when you are about to email something or read something the fucking connection disappears. And of course the internet connections in Sweden are great! Why can’t the connection be great here too? And what is this thing with the plugs. Why can’t I just plug something in and then it should work? Why does the plug have to stick out halfway creating sparkles and flashes until it works? The compound is brand new so why can’t they hire people that does these things properly? Like ggggggggrrrr it was the same in Beirut! Add to that a screwed up, slow laptop that needs formatting and two screaming kids and aaah you got my afternoon.

And what is up with this maid and the damn passport? Is the maid swimming from Indonesia? Rowing? And did they send the passport papers by camel to Sweden? I will have a major fit one of these days!!! I had enough of things!! Bloody enough!!



1. Dubbelörnen - April 16, 2007

OOOPPPSSSSS…. jag hukar, känner hur skor o böcker viner runt öronen…

Himmel att dela bostad med dig just nu…

Så boken kunde inte lätta stämningen… OOOpppsss där kom en till sandal vinande… Duckar… log out… kikar in när det lugnat ner sig…See yaaa

Skrattar… sry

2. Sous - April 16, 2007

Ya grrrrr akta’re 🙂

3. LiB Team - April 16, 2007

I feel you sister, I really do. May you find patience througout this ordeal and many others that you WILL encounter. Enjoy your stay in camel-shaggers land.

4. Sous - April 16, 2007

Thanks and aaah I can’t wait to cross that bridge, can’t take this any longer…..

5. Laetitia - April 16, 2007

Sounds frustrating… I will be there soon in the same boat, and you can tell me to relax, that you went through it thousand of times!
My brother in law lives in Jeddah and tells me there are no problem hiring a maid, you just need to phone numbers that are around in the compound… They had a maid starting working within a few days after contacting her. Is it because these Jeddah maids are illegal in Saudi or because Al Khobar laws are differen to Jeddah’s?…
Good luck with all these “little” things that must poison your daily life!

6. Sous - April 17, 2007


The laws are the same and yes it cus they are illegal and more easy to come by in Jeddah. There are illegal maids here too but it’s not really suitable for long term arragements. Hope you will have a ball here 😛 . I know I am!

7. Laetitia - April 17, 2007

Thanks Sous
Maybe you should hire an illegal maid just until your legal one comes along?
Busy planning the move here (South Africa) but it might be a loooong time before we go, because of visas, police clearance and the lot…. One of the removal companies showed me an official documentation saying pictures of human beings are not allowed in the kingdom… I was freaking out, but the Saudi embassy reckons they ARE allowed… Any idea? Oh my god, am I gonna have fun moving??? I have a feeling this picture story is the tip of the iceberg!!!

8. Sous - April 18, 2007

Listen, don’t worry too much about this picture thing. I did too much and thought ooh what about that book and about this picture and so on but in the end they didn’t even go through our things when they came from Beirut. I even brought a bunch of pictures when I came from Sweden and some of them had women on them (Klimt paintings) and no one even bothered to look at the airport. So just take it easy :).

9. jarollah - April 18, 2007

hi im an irani who live in saudi arabia and i wright a blog in persian language about this country, may i use ur not in ur veblog for iranian readers thanks

10. Sous - April 18, 2007

You may. Thanks for your visit.

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