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Saudi news and dreams March 23, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

This morning I read the following in the Saudi Gazette;

African Man Held For Sorcery

“A team of inspectors from the Commision of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice in Madina arrested an African man who wore a rabbits’ foot around his neck. Inside the talisman he had written the name of his employer. He claimed that he had used the talisman to make his employer pay him his salary on time.
Also, the inspectors arrested a group of African overstayers who were caught selling chips for decoding pornographic satellite TV channels.”

 I didn’t know people here needed chips for that. I have heard several times that it’s quite easy to get these channels without any problems (and noo I am not looking to get them ). And by the way, how do you manage to write someone name on a rabbits’ foot?

Last night I dreamt that I was living outside the compound in neighbourhood with only Saudis. I was going to a nearby minimarket and decided to wear a thob (!). As soon as I stepped out on the street a boy shouted -Look, look she is wearing a thob! I kept walking straight ahead and then I heard another boy going -A girl in a thob! Let’s get the camera!
All of a sudden, to my horror, I was surrounded by Saudi men of all ages in thobs shouting at me and cursing me. Some were throwing rocks and waterballoons on me. It hit me as I walked that perhaps I should turn back and go home but stubborn as I am once I have started something I didn’t turn back. I had to pass by a mosque and outside were about 200 men waiting to go in and pray. All cursing and shouting at me 😦 . When I finally reached the minimarket the Pakistani owner told me to take another street back home offering me something else to wear (but I refused). A really freaky dream indeed. Maybe I dreamt it cus I like the thobs so much. But no I have never of thought wearing one. Maybe I should now 😉 (oh gosh I feel an urge to go and buy one now, seriously) .



1. Trine - March 23, 2007

Poor guy who had to try out sorcery to get his employer to pay him..!

Off topic: hvis du leser norsk må du gjerne komme innom den norske bloggen min, Sous. Jeg skriver endel om Libanon og Midt-Østen der (bl.a.) Adr.: http://www.vgb.no/7160

Hug! 🙂

2. Sous - March 25, 2007

Tack Trine, verkligen intressant blog. Tror jag kan mer norska än vad jag trodde 😛 .

3. Johannes - March 27, 2007

Härlig inställning till tillvaron. Blir det chop-chop square för hans del tro? 😦

Hoppas allt är bra med dig i övrigt!

4. Sous - March 27, 2007

Om han blir dömd för det är det nog möjligt. Har sett andra som åkt dit på det och fått stränga straff. Allt bra här fast tråkad till döds 😦 . Hoppas du mår bra!

5. amellie - March 28, 2007

hey! thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I’ve never been to Khobar.. would like to visit the city one day…

I once dreamt that I’d drive my car on Jeddah’s streets.. wearing thob.. pretending to be a man hahaha… oh i wish i could do that 😀

6. Sous - March 29, 2007

😀 haha so it’s not only me then haha. From what I have heard Jeddah is more exciting than Khobar so I’m not sure you are missing out on anything except for the distance to Bahrain ;).

7. lolshma'gh - April 1, 2007

Jeddah is the most cosmopolitan city in Saudi. It is a dirty, run down, backward city, full of saudis that make you feel awkward at everything you do.

At least you feel less threatened in Jeddah than you do anywhere outside Jeddah.

Oh sorry, you were expecting maybe, something else other than that in Saudi ? 😀

Seriously, Jeddah is the least shit place in saudi. If one were to live in Jeddah, you may only get a moderately bad idea about of Saudis (as apposed to an alarmingly extreme, bad idea if one were to live elsewhere there).

8. Sand Gets in my Eyes - April 4, 2007

Oddly enough, I”ve had a similar dream about walking through the streets of Saudi and being shouted and stared at because I’m wearing something odd – only in my case it was a choir robe like the ones I used to wear back in MN when I sang with the church choir! You know – royal blue, shiny, white over-collar! I think we all have similar dreams about being mistreated because of what we do or don’t do right (by who’s rules, Ive no idea!). I guess you could say its our worst nightmare!

Just found your blog and will be back to read more as time allows.

9. Sous - April 8, 2007

Lolshma’gh (what does that mean?),

Naa I didn’t expect it to be much more exciting than here :P. And I wouldn’t like to live anywhere where I am too far away from my oasis Bahrain.

Sand Gets in My Eyes,
Seems there are a lot of similar dreams going on here in the kingdom. I’m guessing like you that they stem from a certain feeling that we get from being here.
Thanks for your visit, I have been to your blog several times and really enjoy your posts.

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