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Driving in Saudi March 17, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Beirut, Culture, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia.

The traffic situation in this country is really terrible from what I hear and see. The accident rates are really high and people die on a daily basis on the road. The first impression when you get here coming from Beirut as I did, is that the roads are nicer and the traffic less. Therefore I assumed the traffic would be better here than in Lebanon. Wrong. The Lebanese drivers might seem like kamikazes but they are much more skilled than the average driver here in Khobar. And I am not saying the average Saudi driver since this country is full of people of other nationalities (Pakistanis, Europeans,Bangladeshis,Indians, Americans, South Africans and so on).
There doesn’t seem to be any common rules or standars when driving here. If the motto in Beirut is “Drive it like it’s stolen” then the motto here is “Drive it ’til you kill someone”. Add to that the fact that no one seems to wear seatbelts and that people let their kids jump up and down in the car, cars are often overloaded with people, everyone has to drive as fast as they can and that even guys in tiny old cars think they are the king of the road.

What really annoys me is their carelessness for other people lives. Even their own childrens. I really can’t understand how they can let their kids sit in their laps in the front of the car or stand up in the back. Put seatbelts on them for Gods sake! And slow down grrrrrrrrrrr!



1. lolshma'gh - March 18, 2007

Saudis are savages, enough said.

2. Balqis - March 18, 2007

lol same in Mct
I feel like I was back home in Italy, we’re alike in that :p
and today there was big rain which means big wadis and big problems

3. LiB Team - March 19, 2007

lolsma’gh, amen to that! Plain savages. I mean once one of these savages hit our car with his car and then when we went down my friend’s brother asked him if he was blind to run into us like that he got upset and told us “I would prefer death over you calling me blind!” now tell me, how do you negotiate with a species like that? And before any Saudis reading this goes ballistic on me that a lot of us are good I wanna say, I KNOW, not ALL Saudis are like that but 90% of you are plain savages so get over it and LIVE WITH IT. Here’s one of our own captures and how this idiot came right in front of us despite us being on the left lane and he was on the extreme left lane where he’s supposed to TURN LEFT ONLY, and get this, one of the commentors on the site said “what’s wrong with that?”

4. Sous - March 19, 2007

I really hate when they just cut in front of you like that. Freaks me out and makes me curse every time. Then when u curse them they just hold their hands up like Shooouu? as if you did something wrong. We have been really close to some serious accidents lately in situations like this one where people have been driving fast. Aah, gives me ulcers this shit.

5. Pia - March 19, 2007

Marhaba. I went shopping last week (Wednesday evening). Glad to to be back at home alive. There are so many near-misses and accidents waiting to happen- what is the problem with young men, who show off and have this awful urge to drive 200 km/h along the Corniche? Joyriders, or whatever newspapers call them. There is no joy there when someone dies as a result of road traffic accident. Savages indeed. How do you get a drivers license in this country? By driving 20 meters straight ahead..? Yes sir, here’s your license, go and drive irresponsibly. Nowadays if I really need to go shopping to downtown Khobar, I go early morning.. or send someone else shopping for me.

6. Trine - March 20, 2007

Nothing to joke about, I’m sure (it sounds terrible and scary!) but seems like the young “joyriders” are wanna-be suicide bombers who failed the admission test to the Taliban Madrasa…

Drivers licences? Comes in the corn flakes packages in large regions of the world.

(Just had to… *LOL*)

7. Sous - March 21, 2007

Pia and Trine,

That sounds like the same way as you get a drivers license in Beirut 😛 .You either buy it or drive 20 metres straight ahead (speaking from my own experience 😉 ). And most people don’t take lessons either..

8. Pia - March 25, 2007

Why not use some problem solving skills and let only WOMEN drive?
When I was waiting to get my drivers license and everyone else already had one, I would have been so ready to buy the license, pay a bit extra (=bribe), without having to go to lessons. Now I am kind of glad about it, at least some civilized countries still ask theory and driving lessons to be done before issuing the actual license.
LOL- I wish I had known about corn flakes packages 🙂

9. Sous - March 25, 2007

Hehe, yes well those packages are only to be found in some countries 😛 . I took lessons in Beirut and everyone kept telling me I was silly to take lessons since no skills are really required to drive anyway. The traffic in Beirut is bad enough to scare the most skilled person away. And letting only women drive, well that would take too much control away from men there and we wouldn’t want that now would we 😉 .

10. Ghayr Muslihoon - May 21, 2007


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