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Shopping blindly March 9, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Culture, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

-You free lucky bastard, I said out loud as I saw a Filipino man standing in t-shirt and jeans outside the Dhahran Mall yesterday. We drove into the parking lot and I felt I dreaded to walk around in my abaya for some reason. Mainly because it was such a beautiful day and I wanted the sun kissing my winter pale skin. On the other hand, I wouldn’t have liked being in the mall without it.. (and no I’m not looking for a discussion where I am assumed to think freedom is to prance around in a bikini on the high street)

What followed after that was indeed my strangest shopping experience ever. Since I have been pregnant most of the time since I came here I have not bothered buying clothes here in Khobar (bought some in Bahrain though). Anyway, yesterday as I went to buy clothes it was just…..weird. To go into a shop, look at the clothes and then decide to buy them. Khallas. No taking a few sizes or this and that and try them on, just buy them. Felt really odd. I must say I probably bought more that I would have on a “normal” shopping trip since I could flatter myself with the idea that I would look good in the clothes without having a mirror ruining that idea hehe. The whole experience put me in a strange mood, where I would go into a shop, take my time, pick something up, put it back, pick something else up, put it back, pick up the first item again…and so on. In one shop I was told by a guy working there that people buy the clothes and then try them on in the ladies room so they can return them in case they aren’t to the customers satisfaction… I couldn’t really get myself to do that.

Later back home I tried the clothes on and somehow I had managed to pick the right sizes on all items except a t-shirt. Will save it for my slimmer days 😛 . In any case, it was a backward proccess (as in buying the clothes first and then trying them).
I really cannot for my life understand why there are no changing rooms and why there are guys in all the shops. Are there no changing rooms cus people are worried others will peep on them or what? Are the society here really that full of perverts?

We went to the mall just after the midday prayer and there were hardly any people. A great time to do shopping since the malls are jammed with people the rest of the weekends.

Shopping made me a cheer up a little while doing it but I cannot say anything other than my heart is heavy today.



1. Dubbelörnen - March 9, 2007

“I could flatter myself with the idea that I would look good in the clothes without having a mirror ruining that idea hehe” That would I like!!!… but I wouldn’t want to try them at home… to realize that I was wrong… 🙂

I will get you that book, mail me yr address and you will get yr dictionary… for all occasions *asg*

Even if yr heart is heavy… yr still the best!!!

2. Sous - March 10, 2007

Thank you E 🙂 . You made me smile this morning..

3. joekinggaseyed - March 13, 2007

Some women would change in the ladies room then go to the female prayer room with a female friend to get a human feedback. I think there are more perverts than we care to know about, but probable the reason for this ban resulted from a long ago incident of hidden cameras behind two-way mirrors. Once a ban is in place, it can never be reversed except for public pressure. In this case, there is no public pressure to provide changing rooms. It would be convenient, but it’s not on the top of the wishlist of changes to be made.

4. Sous - March 17, 2007

Ah well Joe, if there is no public pressure then I guess people are happy the way it is and who am I to bother happy people 😛 ! And yes I agree there are probably more perverts than anyone care to know about.

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