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The Spring of Culture Festival February 26, 2007

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Culture.

Spring of Culture 

I must mention the upcoming events in Bahrain during the month of March for all of you who might have missed it. Before I do I must first say buhuwahahbubuhu since I won’t be able to go to some of them due to the fact that lil L doesn’t have a passport yet.

From what I gathered by reading the information booklet about these events it is basically a combo of poetry, art, concerts, lectures, music and literature. They come under the name of Spring of Culture and features musicians and artists such as Khalid al-Shaik, Youssou N’Dour, the Caracalla Dance Theatre, Marcel Khalife, the Chehade Brothers & The Oriental Roots Orchestra and many, many more.

Adonis, who was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature about a year ago will recite poems as will Ghada Shbeir who will recite poems by Ahmed Shawqi.
There will be art exhibitions by Shadia Alem, Jaffar al-Oraibi & Khaled Farhan, just to mention a few. Patrick Seal, a British writer, Vincent Tiberj (French writer) and Professor Mohammed Arkoun will all hold lectures. Arkouns lecture will be about “The issue on humanism in Western and Muslim contemporary society”.  I will miss that one for sure 😦

These concerts, recitals, lectures and exhibitions will take place in different venues in Bahrain such as Arad Fort, Culture Hall, La Fontain Centre of Contemporary Art and House of Poetry.

I cannot claim to know most of the artist or places but the program surely excites me. I didn’t know this but Bahrain certainly seems to be a buzzing beehive of culture. I would have loved hear Youssou N’ Dour live but since that concert is on the 9th of March I will not be able to make it. I better get cracking on fixing that passport so I can go to some of these events by the end of March! Anyone going to any of these events?



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2. BraininBahrain - February 26, 2007

Hey S !

Glad this has caught your eye. Last year’s Spring of Culture was a success as far as the feedback I recieved from several people that attended.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy the shows you do manage to attend.

Looks like this year they have built upon last year’s festival & expanded the line up, all events are free except for those in the Arad Fort and even those cost only a nominal amount.

Sorry I can’t give you more info since I didn’t actually attend the events last year :s .

3. Sous - February 26, 2007

Hi Brain,

Yes, it is certainly an impressive program they have managed to put together. I am getting more and more impressed with the people of your island kingdom. So much going on over there. I really hope I will be able to get the passport before the festival is all over.

4. -Brain - March 6, 2007

Tickets to the Japanese drumemrs are toally sold 😦 .

That was the thing we were all looking forward to the most !!

Oh well, there is always next year I guess. . .

5. Sous - March 7, 2007

Oh what a shame 😦 . I am sorry to hear that. Myself, I have gotten nowhere with the passport thing so far but inshalla it will be sorted soon.

6. josie - March 25, 2007

where is the culture hall??

7. Sous - March 26, 2007

Oh God, I really don’t know 😕 . Maybe some Bahrainis can answer that..

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