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Liquorice and lingerie February 18, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture, Food, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

As I took a bath a few days back I was hit by high fever. 40.5 celcius to be exact (since I’m Swedish) . Went to the dr the day after and turns out I had an infection which needed some antibiotics. I was told to take antibiotics and panadol for some time (I never take panadol and hardly ever antibiotics unless I have to, sooo grrr) and now to my biiig excitement (screaming like I won a million dollars!!!) I have an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.
Never mind.

It’s getting warmer here but my busy baby days pass so fast I don’t have time to go out. Inshalla soon.

I been thinking about why on earth men are selling everything from womens make up to lingerie in this country. It just doesn’t make any bleeding sense. Is that to promote men and women mixing or what is the idea? I am all for a mixed society but since Saudi Arabia doesn’t work that way I am a little puzzled. As a woman, you go into a clothes or make up shop and what do you find? Hot, young Lebanese, Egyptian and probably even Saudi men (and plenty other nationalites) offering their assistance. They are polite and all but to be honest and I really don’t want to sound chauvinist BUT I DON’T want to ask dudes for things when I’m buying lingerie! Surprised? Duh!
Where is the common sense God gave us, “you people that invented this corrupt system”?? Bring it out and use it! It’s not too hard!
Ok, there are no changing rooms for women of course (don’t know if it is the same for men) so sure we don’t have to, have guys fitting our bras and getting other sizes for us. Good. Instead we only have to guess if the item will fit us and look good on us, buy it and then if it looks like shite we can return it and pick another item from the store.  And what if I don’t want anything else from that store?  Well tough shit.

God help them please.
What else?
Yes, why is Sweden one of the few countries in the world that sells salty liquorice? I know Denmark and Finland does as well and some other European countries. Everyone in the whole world likes salt so why not salty liquorice?

Not to mention the best crisps (chips if your American) in the world ….Swedish ones of course. Estrella and OLW. Why aren’t they sold all over the world?
I give up.



1. Elisabeth - February 18, 2007

Why should the best things in life be sold all over the world??! That’s why we will keep them as an secret… The best things in life are in Sweden 😉


2. Sous - February 18, 2007

Hehe you do have a point. But, but what if people became nicer from eating them?


3. Pia - February 19, 2007

Heeeeejjjj. My favorite topic; licorice 🙂 I could buy Finnish “Panda” licorice in London, as well as a really yummy one from Australia.

I try to buy my underwear when I am abroad. Failing this, I would recommend a visit to Kingdom Center in Riyadh, they have a whole floor of the shopping center dedicated for women, women selling stuff for women, fabulous. 10 points for them! But yes, kind of a minor inconvenience to travel all the way there just for underwear… I know…

4. Sous - February 19, 2007

Haha I will tell you if I go there Pia and you can come with me. Could be fun. Thanks for the tip. Hope you are fine. How’s it going with the little kitten?

5. Balqis - February 20, 2007

not sure whether on a blog or newspaper but i read they made a rule now in ksa that man can’t be anymore in shops for women stuff

6. Sous - February 20, 2007

Yes I read it too last summer. Seems they are taking a looooong time to implement it 😛 .

7. Elisabeth - February 20, 2007

I just wonder… mustn’t these men in “women shops” first learn to read… until that happens they can’t apply the law 😉 It seems that reading skills firstly just comes to blackmarking items and secondary to other not so important stuff…

Yes I know I’m evil… sry *lol*

8. Sous - February 20, 2007

Hehe you soo are hehe!

9. LiB Team - February 21, 2007

This sucks in Saudi, my wife finds it really unacceptable to go buy lingerie or make up with males running the place, this is one of the other things to add to the backwardness of those Saudis. Although they have much more variety and nicer and cheaper stuff than Bahrain. I wouldn’t want a man selling this stuff to my wife, what if they are sick pervs who are really good at visualization? I am sure they can develop that kind of skill working in such places be it a make-up place and oooh aaah a lingerie place.

10. Sous - February 22, 2007

Hii LiBTeam,

Good to have you back 😛
N yes it sure is a backward thing. You really made me laugh with you “visualization” comment haha 😛 good one. These guys must surely think they are blessed to be working in these shop 😀 .

11. Trine - February 26, 2007

Salty liquorice is one thing I always miss when being abroad, so I just have to stock up on it. Want me to bring some extra, Sous? 🙂 And OWL Cheeze Doodles are to die for!

12. Sous - February 26, 2007

Yezzz please Trine 😀 and some OLW Dill Chips pleaazzzeee 😛 haha. You are going to Riyadh right?

13. Trine - February 27, 2007

I am, but Dill Chips I’ve never seen in Norway. I’ll think about you when I start my shopping spree to fill the container 😉

14. Sous - February 28, 2007

Cool, I wish you all the best with your move 🙂 . Keep writing your blog, it’s really entertaining.


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