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MTV INDIA rocks! February 14, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture.

Chup Chup Ke

 If I was ever to appear in a music video it would sooo have to be one made to be shown on MTV India (sorry 50). After having signed up for the Showtime channels I discovered that we now have MTV India and maaan does it rock!
It is sooo cool! I mean really! From having seen MTV Europe and MTV ma barif shou, this channel is so refreshing. Everyone seems to have popped some serious happy pills, are wearing bright and colourful clothes and are dancing like mad. Like a huuge, neverending party! 
Can it get any better when you are dead bored from all the excitment here?

My son complains loudly when I put MTV I on saying the female voices freaks him out and that the rest of the people are just annoying and silly but maaan you just have to watch it to start laughing. Power to Bollywood for having the ability to make people laugh!

I just saw a video from what I believe is a Bollywood movie called Chup Chup Ke (Ketchup?) and gosh matosh did these guys have a lot of fun recording this or what? I want some of the fun tooo! Send me a ticket to Bollywood now!




1. ggwfung - February 14, 2007

just love the screenshot! want to get it myself now. I find India so exotic … the food, the dress, the speech.

thank the above for the India diaspora!


2. Elisabeth - February 14, 2007

I get it Sous…”you are dead bored from all the excitment here.. “, ;)well I’m sure you are when MTV India is the most entertaining in yr life just now…*lol*
Well for me yr stories are the high-lights every morning. They will sure make me in good mood for the rest of my day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best “Swedish madwoman” in Khobar
Hughs Elisabeth

3. Sous - February 14, 2007


Yes, it’s a cool shot 😛 . It makes me laugh when I see it. And yes India certainly is exotic with it’s multifaceted culture. I would looove to go to Udaipur for example. It looks so beautiful.

Elisabeth 🙂 issss making me smile as usual 🙂 . Thank you so much for always cheering me up. Hope your snowy landscape is still as beautiful as on the picture you sent me.

Happy Valentines to you too my friend 😀

4. Elisabeth - February 15, 2007

It’s still snowy, but now just around 0.
Your blogg is much more entertaining than mine. My countryside blogg has no Mr Blackmarker or other entertainers in sight. Except for mooses, deers, wild boars, hares, pheasants, other different kind of birds and not to forget the natives… 😀

5. Sous - February 18, 2007

Well I wish I had more blackbirds and less Blackmarkers here. I’m sure there are plenty of other more wiser ways of preventing immoral ideas from spreading. Enjoy your little piece of earthly paradise Elisabeth.

6. Elisabeth - February 18, 2007

My favourite blogger… You are the best and I hope I can transpond some of the good vibes I get from reading your blog back to you!!

I really enjoy my new country life and I hope I can give the positive vibes to you in Khobar.

Love Elisabeth

7. Sous - February 18, 2007

Aaah you are the bestest 🙂 did you know that? You just gave me the smile that was missing from my evening. Thank you 🙂 !

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