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Honey, Saad shrank the kids! February 3, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture, Saudi Arabia, Sweden.

We went on a follow up for little L the other day and imagine my surprise when the Filipino nurse called out L’s length to another nurse filling in L’s journal. -48 centimeters, she called. Eh, 48??? Excuse me, but that can’t be right? Why? Eh duh, cus she was 52 when she was born! Yes, but look madam…48! My husband made his way to the scale an voila according to him it was still 52.

I was already tense ‘cus little one needed feeding and I couldn’t find any place to sit in (there is a feeding area on the gyn floor but not on the pediatrics floor – smart move guys) so I felt how I was getting all mad. Like grrr how can they make such a mistake? Ok 1 cm but this?? I was getting myself all worked up thinking how this never could have happened in Sweden and so on and so on!
After the annoying dr (he just doesn’t have the personality to be a pediatrician) had checked little one I told him what had happened earlier but he just goes to the nurse, – Uhm I want the correct length of this baby!

We went back to the room with the nurses and they explained that when the baby is born they hold it upside down when they measure it and therefore it can seem taller since it gets stretched. Ok, but this wasn’t done with our daughter according to my husband and heeey what kind of a dumb routine is that anyway? If it proves to be giving incorrect numbers then why the hell is it still in practice? To me I guess it is just another one of those things you bump into as a Swede abroad. For them the correct length doesn’t matter but for me it sure does. In the end as she was measured she was 49 cm even if my husband still insists she is 52. I’m still pissed of with them for being this sloppy.



1. xpat - February 3, 2007

“he just doesn’t have the personality to be a pediatrician” ..hah, if this is in saad hospital. i wonder what it is in other smaller ones. and the nurses…well you said enuf. may Allah bless your little L.


2. Sous - February 3, 2007

Wa aleikum salam,

Thank you. Well this guy in particular doesn’t have a very child friendly personality. He refers to the kids as “this one” and really can’t seem to connect with kids….but there is another dr there which we really like Dr Abousa. Will stick with him from now on. And sure one might wonder what other things are going on out there…

I might seem picky with the birth length but to me it’s important. Don’t know if that’s a Swedish thing…

3. Elisabeth - February 4, 2007

Of course it’s Swedish!!! Everything must be accurate, there is nothing “sometimes 52or sometimes 49”. A measurement is exact, everyone knows that in Sweden… but perhaps not in Saudi… 😉

So I know your precious is 52 no matter what incompetent Saudi doctors says!!!

Puss o kram till Lina (52cm)… hihihi

4. Sous - February 4, 2007

Hahaha Thank you Elisabeth 😛 ! What would I do without you?? You are so right 😛 !


5. Pia - February 4, 2007

Oh what a carry on, somehow very entertaining- it seems as soon as you open you mouth and question something these ‘hospital’ workers tell you, they become all panicky and run around like headless chickens. Now that too can be entertaining too. Next time you visit those very competent measurers, insist on them correcting the mistake they made last time and offer them a free maths lesson online. Like Harvard basci maths or something similar… I work in hospital and encounter lots of weirdos (not talking about poor patients this time).. Aj aj.
P 🙂

6. Sous - February 4, 2007

😛 it sure is an interesting lot you meet there. Seems nothing is really important to some other than getting their wage…

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