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Lebanese goodwill January 25, 2007

Posted by Aella in Beirut, Lebanon, War.

As Chirac is making jokes about the delayed lunch at the international conference that is held in order to raise money to rebuild Lebanon the Lebanese riots have once again begun. This time it started at the Arab University.  Apparantly student trading insults which in the end turned out to fights, rocks being thrown and cars set on fire. Most Lebanese channels have been following the conference but NEW TV has been showing footage from the areas of the fights. Fights that are spreading from area to area. Before lunch Chirac said that a total amount of 7 billion dollars had been raised so far. Pretty nice, but what if they put a bigscreen tv in the hall of the conference and showed all the delegates what is going on in Beirut right now. Would they really want to hand out their money or cancel debts to a country full of people with no will whatsoever to improve things. Don’t think so.

Denmark gave Lebanon 3.5 million dollars which I think is quite big of them. When the Danish consulate was burnt down last year the Lebanese army didn’t really lift a finger to stop people. They did a good job in protecting the rest of Achrafie but that was about all they did that day. We can all have our opinions about Denmark after what happened but I still think it’s quite big of them to even participate in this conference.  



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