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Slow start January 17, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Not much happening here. Went to Bahrain for the day, last weekend but have mostly been at home since then. Due date is in four days but not much happening there either. You tend to wait impatiently at this stage… Just walking around fixing things up around the house, going for walks, doing the everyday chores (booooring!). Little one has fever today so I won’t be taking her out for a walk as I was planning. The temperature seems to have dropped overnight but at least it is sunny…… not much else going on here.
Wonder what happened to the two cats that used to roam around the compound. The car that fumigates the area once a week probably poisoned them to death, poor little things. One of them was a kitten with a broken paw and I was looking to take him to the vet…but hmm now he is gone. Haven’t seen him for weeks.



1. Pia - January 17, 2007

Good to see you back online. We are not so far apart in miles now- nothing new here either. We had a rainy day yesterday, it was refreshing, but some over-enthusiastic gardeners here keep the sprinklers on and water is all over the place. Don’t be watering the plants and grass when it is raining. My new cat will arrive tomorrow, and I will also visit the local horse-riding stable at the camp, looking forward to it. All the best and good luck to you, you’ll get there in the end 🙂

2. Sous - January 17, 2007

Ah Thank you so much 🙂 and the same to you . This watering thing is interesting. In our compound it seems they water as well when it’s raining, not to mention the fact that they have a thing for watering in the evenings when people want to sit outside. Not funny if you wanna stay dry 😛 . I too am hoping to find a good place to ride later on this year. Really looking forward to it. Take care and let’s keep contact til we meet..

3. Sous - January 22, 2007

Sweeet T,

Sorry the law won but perhaps your chanting made up for some of it :).
I hope you will have a great year with lots time on your river, ecstatic chanting and bundles of love. Please keep me posted on what is going on in your life.
I was due yesterday but still no baby in sight…


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