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Going native January 10, 2007

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Culture, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

If you go to Toys R Us in Khobar you can find the following two pictures on boxes if you are going to buy a kiddies pool.

Who said Americans don’t adapt well to their enviroment? Toys R Us Pool

Heey where did mummy go?



The less modest woman next door only wearing her abaya.


It would be really cool to know who has the job of covering these womens bodies with black colour. Mabrouk to you for having such fullfilling tasks at work 😉 .

I must say it is kind of odd that it is allowed to show mens bodies in any way it seems (except their privates of course). I have seen pics outside gyms of men wearing nothing but small tight shorts…. and here is me having to wear the abaya in order not to entice the male population (as if).  I am really not complaining about people dressing modestly but surely there is something wrong when half the populations is a black mass (even on boxes) and the other half do as they like.

As I was sitting in Saad Hospital the other day I was watching a young male clerk fixing his head gear (still don’t know the name). He took his time in front of the mirror and he arranged it carefully in the fashion which he thought suited him. It was kinda endearing to watching him do this but at the same time I thought about how women are stuck with the abayas. Like there is no freedom of expressing yourself through clothes for women. You can see decorations on abayas and women wearing different accessories with it but that’s about it. Maybe I don’t see clearly what is going on around me yet but this is what I see right now.



1. bint al saud - January 10, 2007

the man’s head covering is called the ‘ghutra’…the black band that holds it on his head is called an ‘agal’…the agal seemingly was used by bedouins to tether roaming camels but now I hear that dads threaten their misbehaving kids with it (much like westerners threaten with a wooden spoon) 🙂

2. Sous - January 10, 2007

Haha that’s a good use for it 😛 . Thank you so much for the names for this garnment. I must say it does looks nice.

3. Yoly - January 11, 2007

Modesty versus nudity. When the missionaries arrived in Hawaii they were appalled at the inmodesty that the Polynesians displayed and quickly took steps to change things. They put bras and panties and clothes on the women. Well apparently it didn’t last long because women still walk around Waikiki half naked, especially those who have had to prostitute themselves because they can’t afford to live in their own land anymore, because of the missionaries and Japanese making overpricing the land in Hawaii.

Now all over the world people want to speak out for Arabic women to try to get them to undress a little, to show a little more skin. But this is their life. I totally respect your opinion and I know it is a common opinion. But I don’t think it’s right for people to want to change another people’s culture. When you do, you make the men real nervous.

In America women walk around practically naked and they call it freedom. In America we have college girls participating in orgies on camera and we call it freedom. American college girls have the freedom to go on “Girls Gone Wild” and what freedom they have to expose their skin because this is America.

Showing Skin Should Never Be in the Same Line With Freedom. It’s a poor way of describing freedom.

That’s my opinion.

4. Yoly - January 11, 2007

But on a lighter note it is kind of funny. It looks like the mommy suffered Human Spontaneous Combustion!!

5. Sous - January 11, 2007

Hi Yoly,

I don’t really see where I expressed that wearing as little clothes as possible has anything to do with freedom. I do on the other hand do believe that people should without a doubt have the freedom to wear what colour and style they choose to. And I am still not talking about wearing as little as possible.
Nor do I have any urge whatsoever in changing peoples culture (except perhaps how they drive) . As for people wanting to speak for muslim women (I won’t say arab since all aren’t muslims) I know for sure they can speak for themselves and that they would be outraged if they did not have the choice to wear what they want. Which is totally right.
There are extremes at both ends and I am in favour of none. As a Swede I’m in favour of moderation in most areas 😉 .

All the best

6. Elisabeth - January 16, 2007

Så tyst här inne, kan det vara något på g… eller?? 😉

Krmar Elisabeth

7. Sous - January 16, 2007

Hehe vår uppkoppling är nere. Surfar på telefonen nu. Men visst det är bara några dagar kvar 🙂 . Väntar otåligt mmmmm. Hoppas du mår bra.


8. Elisabeth - January 17, 2007

OK då kan jag info gänget som oxå blev föväntansfulla…;) Lova ge info när det är dags!


9. Sous - January 17, 2007

Will do 🙂 !


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