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Murphys Law December 28, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

An interesting and not so funny twist has hit our plans to be in Bahrain during Eid. We were supposed to leave early this morning and stay for about a week. Unfortunately my husband realised last night that his exit re-entry visa is running out…..tomorrow morning. Which means that if we go he cannot go back until he has renewed it. The only person that can renew it has of course gone to hajj (God bless him) and won’t be back until the 6th of Jan. This also means that if I get into labour in Bahrain my husband won’t be able to take me back to Saudi (how the heck would I get back then?). Sure they have good hospitals in Bahrain too but if li’l one is born in Bahrain it means I will be stuck there until we get her a passport (and a visa perhaps?) and quite frankly I want to be at home afterwards and not in someone elses house.

My husband has now gone to a passport office in Dammam where this possibly could be sorted inshalla…only they told him last night that only his sponsor can do this. I assume his company is his sponsor but as I said before the Saudi man dealing with this is away. So let’s see if he can still get some kind of a visa..
I know it’s a few weeks until due date but babies tend to come as they please and not according to calculations. Inshalla it won’t be until we are back here anyway.



1. annoos - December 28, 2006

Umm, frankly you should’ve been more careful..
You could use your mobile or computer reminder to store all important dates..

Anyways it’s still good in Khobar, isn’t it 😀
After all it’s the second most beautiful Arabian city :O (that’s what’s written in Dhahran St., I don’t know when it happened :D)..

Inshallah you give birth to your baby bessalamah (safely and in good health) 🙂

2. Sous - December 30, 2006

Thank you so much for your well wishes 🙂 ! And yeah Khobar isn’t bad buuuut we managed to get his visa sorted so we are now in Bahrain. Spent yesterday in Seef Mall shopping, shopping, shopping. I wish you Eid Mubarak. I hope you and your family will have a great time.


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