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God Jul ‘n Merry Christmas December 24, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Culture, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture, Sweden.

I want to wish everyone (who is celebrating of course) a Merry Christmas! Today the 24th of December the Swedes are celebrating Christmas unlike most of the rest of the world. People are still celebrating tomorrow but the 24th is the main day when people open up presents and have family gatherings. Do I miss my family back home a day like this (even if I don’t celebrate Christmas)? You bet!

We had a great weekend in Bahrain and I can say that it is so good to go there in the weekends. No offence to anyone in Saudi but I really feel you just cannot fit into the Saudi society in a natural way. It is so different from where I am from and also so hard to understand.  The many issues about women here are puzzling me to say the least. I don’t feel it has to do with islam but mainly with culture.

Anyway…. as we left Bahrain around 8am yesterday it was such a beautiful morning. Really uplifting! We crossed the bridge….the different stops (passport and so on) went quickly…til we came to the Saudi side of things.. How is it possible that the ques are so long once by the Saudi side? And if people have a problem concentrating then why let them listen to mp3 players, chat to their colleagues, chew gum (we all know many men find it hard to do more than one thing at a time) and have coffee at the same time as they are suppossed to work? Like yalla, yalla boys! Your sisters would have been a lot faster than you all even if they were busy with all of this.



1. Elisabeth - December 24, 2006

GOD JUL min goa cybervän! Vi har haft en underbar julafton, strålande sol +13, tomten var så snäll o alla var supernöjda! Julmaten smakade underbart o sillarna o laxarna var extra goda i år.

Ha en en skön Eid…

Kramar Elisabeth med familj

2. LiB Team - December 25, 2006

First of all Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it. Don’t forget, our eid is in a few days’ time so I expect a “Eid Mubarak” back 😛

Anyways about the queues in the passport control on the causeway, you are quite right, first of all Bahrain opens up a lot of cabins and lanes even if there is no one there while the lazy-ass Saudis (It’s a fact and I have pics to prove it) open up only 2 lanes and then when traffic reaches Bahrain’s passport side then they think of opening a new one, the other thing is that these damn employees take their time and sometimes you find ONE person in the cabin handling the traffic on BOTH sides of his cabin which means another downtime.

It is frustrating and especially in Ramadhan where thousands of Bahrainis flock to KSA for some Eid shopping and then you get those lazy bastards right before dawn (sohoor) time where people just want to get home to have a bite to eat before they start their fasting.

If any passport officials in Saudi is reading this, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD please please please make things easier and faster instead of your people showering us with their arrogance, ignorance and idiocy.

3. Sous - December 25, 2006

Tack Elisabeth :).
Man blir lite avis över er fina dag och den smaskiga maten. Själv åt jag tikka masala 😛 !
Jag hoppas ni med får en trevlig Eid 🙂 !


4. Sous - December 25, 2006

Eid Mubarak to you my Baharani friend!!
You are quite right too, they are acting in a lazy and arrogant way.
I really can’t understand why there isn’t anyone trying to improve this whole routine. Are they happy with being so crappy?

Off topic! I loooove Bahrain and it is soooo good to go there!
Just had to be said 😉 !

Take care

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