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“The One” in Bahrain December 5, 2006

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Dubai, Sweden.

About 2 weeks ago I received an email from a good friend in Sweden. She told me that her favourite interior design shop in Stockholm is called The One and that they have a store in Manama. The company was founded by a Swedish man by the name of Thomas Lundgren and he now has stores in Dubai, Bahrain, Jordan, Qatar and Kuwait.  She recommended a visit to The One in Bahrain and were curious as to whether they had the same kind of things as in Stockholm. I promised to take some pictures but unfortuantly I was not allowed to.

In any case, we went there for a visit last weekend and the place it absolutely beautiful. I simply wanted most things that I laid my eyes on! Little glittery trinkets, velvety curtains, bedspreads, cuttlery, paintings, carpets, cushions and so on. Some items are a little pricey but what do you expect from a shop owned by a man claiming to be on a mission to save the world from IKEA? It is hard to describe the look of the goods and the store but I can really recommend a visit if you have the opportunity.

The only pic I managed to get was this one hrmm.. Real shame they don’t allow people to photograph but not much to do about that.

                                  The One

Thanks for the tip Elisabeth and I’m sorry I couldn’t take any pics. You just have to come here and we will go and visit it together aaaight!

Read more about Thomas Lundgren, the founder of The One in Gulf News .



1. Elisabeth - December 6, 2006

Wonderful Sous!! I’m glad you also became a The One-fan 😉

I went for a visit to Stockholm couple of weeks ago and I shopped almost til I dropped… of course at The One 🙂 I bought lovely X-mas decorations which you can’t find anywere except at The One. Sorry you couldn’t get any pictures but keep me posted about what things you will shop there 😉

Du hittar alltid något på The One o där finns alltid något för alla plånböcker!

Så roligt att du gillade min favvisbutik!
Kramar Elisabeth

2. Omni - December 6, 2006

Sounds like my kinda store!! 🙂

3. Sous - December 6, 2006

Hiiii Lizzie,
You can really shop til u drop in this store. It’s like a glittering kingdom of pretty n beautiful things! I will keep you updated on my shopping there 🙂 .
Omni: I hope “The One” opens a store wherever you live. You will love it! Surfed your blog, the sock post is hilarious 🙂 .

4. Pia - December 6, 2006

Hi. The same shope can be found in Abu Dhabi, UAE and there used to be One in Riyadh too. I remember buying cushions, tea cups- they were lovely, and pretty much everything in the store was worth buying. I did not know the shop originates from Sweden (heja Sverige!), but well done and keep up the good work.

5. Sous - December 6, 2006

Heeey 🙂 another The One fan ! Yes heja Sverige! How’s that flight coming Pia?

6. Pia - December 7, 2006

15 Dec inshallah! It has been a long and tiresome wait, less than two weeks to go (i London) – but when I finally board the flight, then I will believe it. Endless paperwork coming to an end, jag hoppas det! Vi ses, ha det bra.

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