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Khobar Towers bombing December 3, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, War.

If you do a search on Khobar you will most likely end up with the story of the Khobar Towers bombings. Naturally not very good PR for Khobar. Kinda freaks people out if they are looking to move here. At Wikipedia the story goes :

“The Khobar Towers bombing was an attack on part of a housing complex in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, located near the national oil company (Saudi Aramco) headquarters of Dhahran. In 1996 it was being used to house foreign military personnel, including Americans. On June 25, 1996, individuals identified as terrorist members of Hizballah Al-Hijaz (Saudi Hezbollah) by the United States, exploded a fuel truck adjacent to Building #131 in the housing complex. This eight-story building housed United States Air Force personnel from the 4404th Wing, primarily from a deployed rescue squadron and deployed fighter squadron. In all, 19 U.S. servicemen and one Saudi were killed and 372 of many nationalities were wounded.”

 You can read more about it on Khobar Towers bombing
The attack on Oasis in 2004 is another terrible tale from this city but we’ll take that in another post mmkkkaaaay.



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