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The good people of Israel November 29, 2006

Posted by Aella in Israel, Sweden.

Swedish human rights worker viciously attacked by Jewish extremists in Hebron.

by ISM Hebron, November 18


Tove in Israel

“A 19-year old Swedish human rights worker had her cheekbone broken by a Jewish extremist in Hebron today. Earlier the same day at least five Palestinians, including a 3-year-old child, were injured by the settler-supporting extremists, who rampaged through Tel Rumeida hurling stones and bottles at local residents. Palestinian schoolchildren on their way home were also attacked. The Israeli army, which was intensively deployed in the area, did not intervene to stop the attacks.

Tove Johansson from Stockholm walked through the Tel Rumeida checkpoint with a small group of human rights workers (HRWs) to accompany Palestinian schoolchildren to their homes. They were confronted by about 100 Jewish extremists in small groups. They started chanting in Hebrew “We killed Jesus, we’ll kill you too!” — a refrain the settlers had been repeating to internationals in Tel Rumeida all day.

After about thirty seconds of waiting, a small group of very aggressive male Jewish extremists surrounded the international volunteers and began spitting at them, so much so that the internationals described it as “like rain.” Then men from the back of the crowd began jumping up and spitting, while others from the back and side of the crowd kicked the volunteers.

The soldiers, who were standing at the checkpoint just a few feet behind the HRWs, looked on as they were being attacked.

One settler then hit Tove on the left side of her face with an empty bottle, breaking it on her face and leaving her with a broken cheekbone. She immediately fell to the ground and the group of Jewish extremists who were watching began to clap, cheer, and chant. The soldiers, who had only watched until this point, then came forward and motioned at the settlers, in a manner which the internationals described as “ok… that’s enough guys.”


The extremists, however, were allowed to stay in the area and continued watching and clapping as the HRWs tried to stop the flow of blood from the young woman’s face. Some, who were coming down the hill even tried to take photos of themselves next to her bleeding face, giving the camera a “thumbs-up” sign.

At this point, a HRW was taken into a police van and asked to identify who had attacked the group. The HRW did this, pointing out three Jewish extremists who the police took into their police vehicles. However, the extremists were all driven to different areas of the neighborhood and released nearly immediately. When one of the three was released on Shuhada Street, the crowd that was still celebrating the woman’s injuries applauded and cheered.

A settler medic came to the scene about 15 minutes after the attack and immediately began interrogating the internationals who had been attacked about why they were in Hebron. He refused to help the bleeding woman lying on the street in any way.

Five minutes after the settler medic arrived, the army medic arrived and began treating the injured woman. When she was later put on a stretcher, the crowd again clapped and cheered.”

The full article with updates can be found at : www.palsolidarity.org/main/2006/11/18/hebron-day-o6/

I would be so proud to read this if I was Israeli. If arabs of any nation had done such a thing the world would be shocked screaming terrorism and this is the fault of islam, but now… well it’s the good people of Israel and no makes a fuss about it. We must not forget that they are entitled to commit such acts since their ancestors were treated badly (god bless their souls).

I wish I too had an Israelis passport and whenever someone pissed me off I could just give them a good battering. Black and blue. And If I get caught, all I could do was to wave my passport and cry Holocaust. Now that would be nice. Almost like a diplomatic passport. I really should look into this.



1. Shaykhspeara - November 29, 2006

Men Gud va kul att du hittade till min blogg! 🙂

Hur länge har ni bott i Saudi?

2. Sous - November 30, 2006


Ja du har en bra blogg, jag gillar den.
Vi har varit här sedan 12 oktober.
Du då? Förstod jag det rätt att du bor i Syrien?

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