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Teenage boyz of the Eastern Province November 25, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Saudi culture.

It is now winter here according to the local population. Which means it is about 23 degrees celcius. Really freakin’ cold in other words. Most people are now dressed in their winter gear. Many Saudi men and boys have abandonded their white thobe in exchange for either a grey,blue,brown, black or  beige thob. Many young men see this time of the year as a chance to dress in a more non-traditional way and are now dressed in trousers and jumpers a’la hip hop style. Not so cool actually. Most of them doesn’t really seem to know how to combine different items of clothing and the results are more than often a disaster. Their knitted yoyoyo winter hats really make me laugh.  Looks kinda dumb if I may say so since it isn’t actually cold!

There is a lot to be said about teenage boys in Saudi Arabia and one of them is that they are often quite annoying. Aha yes, aren’t all teenage boys annoying? Naa, not like these lot. They travel in packs, stare at women (I mean stare) like sickos (if no man is around), annoy people in shops and are just plain rude and annoying. And most of them are ugly too which could be sorted out by shaving their little bumfluff moustache off.
Of course you meet some boys which have a proper upbringing and treat people with respect but most just don’t.
They must have a seriously twisted upbringing to be acting like this. Is it perhaps because many of them aren’t used to natural contact with females or is it just really bad upbringing? I never saw this kind of behaviour in Lebanon.  I think the Saudis have a huge problem if this is how they are letting their sons act.



1. yasmine - November 25, 2006


Jag har följt din blogg ett tag nu och tycker att du skriver bra och samtidigt komiskt. Jag kan tänka mig att liviet I Saudi Arabien är annorlunda och går inte jämföra det med något annat. Jag har aldrig varit där eller i för sig i någon annan muslimsk land.

Att pojkar beter sig på det sättet är inte så konstigt som du säger själv de har ingen naturlig kontakt med tjejer vilket man borde ändå till en viss del ha. Jag är själv muslim så jag kan ju förstå anledningen varför man undviker att blanda killar och tjejer tillsammans men jag tror att där överdriver man det. Men som jag har hört så är det den striktaste muslimska samhället som finns.

2. Sous - November 25, 2006

Salam Yasmine,

Kul att du gillar min blogg 🙂 .
Tror att du har rätt, man överdriver saker här så det
blir helt fel. Killarna får en skev bild av vad kvinnor är.
Jag finner att det finns mycket saker här som överenstämmer med islam men annat mycket som inte gör det.
Det verkar finnas mycket saker som motsäger varandra.

Ha det bra

3. LiB Team - November 26, 2006

Ture, we get that kind of airheads in Bahrain too, youth in the gulf region are mostly ignorant, there are others who have long range goals ahead of them and they are actually politically nurturing themselves. whilst others just are dreaming of dropping school and working in the army to get a loan and get a sports car, irresponsible airheads.

4. Pia - November 26, 2006

Hej hej alla.
The behaviour of these young men is just ridiculous. They probably think they look fashonable, but something is not quite right. If they have never been abroad, or don’t read the latest fashon magazines then that’s the way they end up. But at least it is some entertainment for the rest of us. I remember my friend and I going shopping in Riyadh and teenage boys (Lilla Pojkar!) following us in their car. What do you do, call 911? Then you get the blame, that you were distracting these young smart bright men. They should not be on the road at 9pm anyway, they should be doing their homework and get ready for school. Only when I took my cellphone out of the bag and pretended to dial someone’s number, they took off. Au revoir. Best thing is to totally ignore them, as if they are transparent. Carry on walking, if you bump into someone, just say OOOPS, I didn’t see you there.

5. Sous - November 26, 2006


LiBTeam: It’s a shame that there seem to be so many of these airheads around. They aren’t doing much for the reputation of people their age. I think their parents really need to look at how they raise them. And by the way, I am eagerly awaiting more posts from you guys! I keep checking but all in vain ;).

Pia: It must have been terribly annoying to be followed like that! I will try to follow your advice and ignore them if it happens but I am not sure I could follow it through. I would most likely end up freaking out and shouting at them. Really wonder where they get the confidence to stare at women as if they themselves are Gods gift to womankind. They need some asskicking. How is your visa application going?

All the best

6. Pia - November 26, 2006

I felt like azzkicking would be the best remedy for them too, not that I ever did it I hasten to add.. They are just a bunch of pathetic attention seekers, if you don’t give them that yee haa you are the winner.
Visa may come next week, inshallah. Had some chellenging time with the embassy, but it is all clear now.. I will believe it when I evetually get to the KLM flight one day soon 🙂
Ha det bra och vi ses!

7. Sous - November 26, 2006

Mabrouk, that’s great news! I hope the rest goes well for you.
Have a safe trip and keep me updated on your whereabouts.

8. LiB Team - November 28, 2006

lol no probz, we will try to post more, don’t give up on us yet 🙂

9. Sous - November 28, 2006

Haha naa ur too good to give up on ;).

10. xpat - December 18, 2006

True, Its the upbringing I guess, most Saudi elders dont respect other nationalities, especially asians, and the children grow up with this attittude and the education system isnt doing anything good either to build moral values. Saudi Arabia has a “very” serious problem in this, which if not addressed will result in a society full of “Rogues”. Most have a superiority complex. I wonder what they are doing to set things right ?

11. Sous - December 18, 2006

Well, I really hope they are doing something about it, it’s a serious problem. I really dislike the attitude towards nationalities which to some are considered inferior. Very unislamic.

12. Foxy Cleopatra - December 31, 2006

srry guyz but i do think ur being a bish rash . most of them are ignorant n small minded but 1 ques if all the country is like that what r u doing there??? n most of the contries in the gulf region r extriemly safe no wars no nothing. i go to an international school in jeddah n most of the guyz are arite kinna good rich families nice cars swiss camps ect

13. Balqis - December 31, 2006

there are some things that an expat notices immediately, later will see other things
No one saying we do not like the Gulf but same as our countries of origins, is not a paradise
No they’re not safe anymore though this what media wants you to believe

14. Sous - December 31, 2006

Thanks Balqis, couldn’t have said it better.
Just cus there are certain issues in a country doesnt’t mean we don’t like the country. Every country has it’s ups and downs.

15. daughtersoftime - February 6, 2007

Good post and welcome to Saudi Arabia! I’d like to direct you to a post I wrote a while back on the over-use of nannies which goes a long way in explaining the behavior of the current generation of young Saudi boys/men.


Congratulations on the little one as well!

16. Sous - February 6, 2007

Thank you so much 🙂 . Your post is great like the rest of your blog. Really interesting reading. It is really odd how people let these girls act as servants for the kids. Makes you wonder how people think. It certainly isn’t beneficial for anyone.

Unfortunately I cannot write any comments on blogspot blogs as I often want to but I will be back to read more. By the way, I heard that the people arrested in Jeddah at the party were Ethiopians (it was a wedding) but maybe you know that already.

All the best

17. DW - April 3, 2007

whats wrong with the wool caps.. I like my navy camouflaged head cap for winter. You might think it’s funny but it’s the sporty winter gear here. You cant really blame us cause the with summer temperature clicking at 50. I do have to admit.. the majority have no class in combining clothes. And some wear girly wool vests on thobs (which is quite a trend that my mother was trying to force on me to wear)

Well about the staring, thats the young men group and it’s a huge issue.. thats actually a process of flirting here. Tell me when you find a better way for them to flirt without making it too obvious to others for them to get picked up by the virtue mob squad. But they do sometimes stare at foreigners a lot. This does not just apply to a non-Saudi. For example, if u go to a neighborhood and enter it’s mosque (And you do not look familiar to them they will stare at you until you leave if you stay silent.)

Some do teach manners to their children.. If I had a dime for every single time my father told me to not look at other cars or point at people..

18. Sous - April 4, 2007

hehe there is nothing wrong with wool caps DW 🙂 it’s just funny for us who need it to be really cold to wear one. I had the best winter here ever. It was never too cold and nor did it feel humid.
I do understand that people use eyes for flirting but it still feels odd to have teenage boys looking at you. It wouldn’t happen back home for suuuure (can’t imagine boys that age looking at a mother of three in Sweden for any reason 😛 )

And not all of these kids are mannerless of course. Here like everywhere there are good and bad people.

19. lolshma'gh - April 6, 2007

Sorry, but when I go to Saudi, I feel I’m in a place full of savages that are about to arrest me for doing “something” wrong.

As DW said, can’t go into a mosque to pray without feeling like you’re not welcome there (like walking into a bar in the wild west & eveyrone stops what they are doing to size you up). I expect at anytime, someone will walk up to me & give me some unsolicited “brotherly” advice, with the crappest of manners, about what I’m doing wrong.

Once I prayed at al Rashid Mall, it was between prayers so there was no group prayer going on, so I just picked a corner at the back (near the exit) & did my prayers. Ofc, as soon as I was done, some random buffoon with a beard told me I should go all the way to the front of the prayer area to pray. Awesome.

Don’t even get me started on the hygine quality in these places, or I’ll talk about my pubic hair (& folical) with mandi rice at the Mathlootha place that served us excrement with rice, stuffed in a 1 inch section of small intestine. . .

& I’m a gulf Arab myself. . .

20. Sous - April 6, 2007

Eeeew now you made me cringe with your last comments. So this was a food place or what?

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