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The never ending Lebanese story November 21, 2006

Posted by Aella in Beirut, Lebanon.

Lebanon’s minister of Industry Pierre Gemayel was assassinated today as he sat in his car in New Jdeideh. According to reports his vehicle was rammed by the Gemayels carassassins’ car before Gemayel was shot at point-blank range as the assassin got out of the car and walked up to him. Pierre Gemayel was a member of the infamous Christian Phalange Party of Lebanon which his grandad (also named Pierre Gemayel) founded in 1936. The Phalangist are believed by many to be among the responsible for the 1982 massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatila 

This assasination has heightened the already tense political situation in Lebanon where recently five shia ministers resigned after Lebanese political leaders broke off round table talks without having come to a conclusion to the crisis facing the country.
Saad Hariri, leader of the Future Movement and son of the late Rafik Hariri broke of a news conference after hearing that Gemayel had been shot and hailed him as a brother and promised to bring the perpetrators to justice.
Need I go on?

Another tragic assassination in Lebanon and surely not the last one. During the war on Lebanon by the Israelis I was devastated but apparantly the war was nothing but an interruption and a disturbance for the Lebanese in their bickering amongst each other.
When will they stop fighting and killing each other in this small but amazing country? Probably never. It is like someone combined the crooks and plots of the movies Street Fighter and all the Batman movies and made a country with a screwed up political system.

So many Lebanese dissapoint me greatly. At the Mövenpick lunch the other day I sat next to a Christian ex-colleague of my husband. We can call this man eeh, Hitler. As we started talking about the war of 2006 he exclaimed that it was Terrible! Yes, I said, With all the bombings and killing, really terrible. Ah, he goes, The bombings weren’t so bad? How do you mean, I said, What about all those villages in the South? What villages? Only shias live there, he said with a laugh. We all laughed in my neighbourhood when we heard of it….said lil Hitler. Who is up for dessert?
Needless to say, my jaw dropped when he expressed his views on the war. Unfortunatly his way of thinking is not uncommon in Lebanon.

When I lived there I often met people that thought that other groups deserved to be kicked out of Lebanon or even be killed. In my love for the people of Lebanon and due to my naive outlook on them I always argued with whoever spewed hate on the other side, whatever side it might be. I  am really dissapointed in them and I think the chances of the Lebanese living peacefully toghether is as great as the Israel-Palestine conflict to be solved.



1. Rebecka Darouiche - November 21, 2006

Hejsan!! Hoppas allt e bra med er ? Ja är det inte klokt det som händer i Libanon!!!! Som du säger så är det många grupper som tycker illa om varandra. VARFÖR ska de hålla på så kan de inte leva fridfullt sida vid sida i detta älskade och härliga lilla land???
Ju mer de håller på så här desto mer längtar jag dit!!

Hur är det annars med magen?
Krama barnen och hälsa din man.
Kram Rebecka

2. Sous - November 21, 2006

Hej Rebecka,

Kul att höra av dig :)! Ja, det är verkligen jättetråkigt det som händer i Libanon. Tycker de borde skärpa sig!
Allt är bra här o lilla maggen växer o frodas hamdulilla. Hur är det med din mage?

Hälsa familjen från oss alla.


3. nico and nora - November 23, 2006


We found your blog by chance (Expat-Blog) and really found it great!
We wish you good luck in Soudi for the rest of your staying there!

Cheers from Madrid!

Nicolas and Nora

4. Sous - November 23, 2006

Thanks, nice of you :). I will check your blog out. Hope you’re having a great time in Spain.

All the best

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