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Bahrain food trip! November 18, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Yeezzz I found my chutney in Bahrain. We went to Geant and heey they had a lot of things not to be found in Geant Khobar. I picked up the last 3 jars of spicy mango chutney (sooorrry) and also found wholewheat flour and hahaha spreadable Lurpak! Yes!
Missed Lurpak since Beirut and I have only been able to find Flora for my sammiches here. So I guess that means that the Saudis are still boycotting the Danes or what? Interesting since they sell other Danish stuff here. Is Lurpak the only thing people recognise as Danish?

Had a loooong lunch at Bahrains Mövenpick yesterday and aaah do they have a magnificent buffet or what? All kinds of cold cut meats, sallads, vegetables, fresh fish cooked at the place, salmon, oysters, mussles, crab, any kind of fruit you want, lots of different warm dishes (didn’t check them out), this aaaaand that and not to forget the sushi. They did actually have a few things that I could eat being pregnant and all so I was very pleased. The dessert area is one to die for if you have a sweet tooth. Loads of cakes, creme brulee, cheesecake, arabic sweets, fresh fruits of any kind, ice cream, a dude that makes warm crepes for you and the 2 chocolate fountains where you can dip marshmallows, strawberries or other pieces of fruit. Wish I woke up with that buffet next to me evey morning aaaah (do I sound like a fat n greedy person or what!) and I am not even usually fond of the idea of buffets



1. LiB Team - November 19, 2006

Well we have a habit during Ramadhan that we have to cross the bridge and head to the Khobar Meridien hotel for an iftar buffet, they have quite a nice range of dishes in addition to the addictive chocolate fountains for the fondue, they actually had two of ’em, one brown one white, too bad we spent too much on the main dishes that by the time it was dessert time the darn kids had finished all the marshmallows and we were left with fruits only, luckilly I managed to get one piece of ‘mallow lol

I think you should give it a try next year, we know we will 😀

2. Sous - November 19, 2006

Cool, we will see you guys there then :). Thanks for the tip. I will save some mallows for you :P!

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