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Mango chutney! November 16, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

There is quite a large Indian expat community here in Khobar but do you think I can find mango chutney cus of that?? Hell no. So what is this? Is it like a European idea that Indians eat chutney or what? I been to Giant Stores, Geant, Carrefour (which sucked yesss) and Tamimi and still haven’t found anything but uuh some kind of Indian pickle jars. I need my mango chutney (spicy)! So where the heck can I find it? There is an area in downtown Khobar which is full of Indian,Bangladeshi,Fillipino and Pakistani (I am guessing the nationalities) shops. Maybe I can find something there. All I can find in the large supermarkets is loads of spices and 15 millions types of prawn crackers.
We are off to Bahrain tomorrow so I guess I could check out their supermarkets too.



1. Balqis - December 27, 2006

If you like Indian food like me you will enjoy these blogs


He’s an Indian guy living here in Mct who loves cooking
Hope blogspot and flickr are not blocked there

2. Sous - December 27, 2006

Hi Balqis,

I luuuv Indian food! Love eating it and cooking it.
Those pictures at flickr just makes my mouth water.
Thanks for the links 🙂 . Now I know where to go for recipes.

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