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Poseidon November 11, 2006

Posted by Aella in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Fuck, I aint never gonna go on any big boat or cruise ship again. Went to watch the movie Poseidon in Dana Mall in Manama the other day and uurgh it was like a mix of the 2004 tsunami disaster and the 1994 Estonia incident. Dead people splattered everywhere and people dying as the ship is slowly sinking. Panic, broken bones, fire, screams, wounds, death,death and death!  Being unusally sensitive due to my pregnancy the film made me stop breathing which I assume isn’t too good in the long run. Anyway who cares if five people survive in the end when hundreds of people are dead?
Naa the film did nothing other than leaving me feeling traumatised for the rest of the evening. Don’t watch it unless you love disaster movies with a lot of dead people.

And yes it is true, movie theatres are forbidden in Saudi Arabia. Heard there are some in Jeddah showing kids movies though.



1. Nickie - November 11, 2006

Great blog! My husband and I considering moving to Saudi and it’s nice to read about what it is like there! Thanks for the stories!

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