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Singles sections upstairs please! November 8, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

Who was the smartass that decided that single sections in restaurants here should be downstairs and family sections upstairs? Perhaps the same cutie that decided that families dining in restaurants need no sunlight nor any view.

Why the upset about this issue? Well being 7 months pregnant, a beginner in wearing the abaya and the mother of a 1 year old having to walk up stairs every time I want to eat in a restaurant just does NOT appeal to me. Why not? Well try walking stairs with a long abaya when you are 7 months pregnant and you will see. You tend to trip over and on the way up you tend to run out of breath. Is that how the Saudi system are looking after women? By letting them struggle upstairs with a risk of letting them fall (yes fall!) down the stairs. Sweet  if so. Sure I am an unfit bastard but the fact that people have to carry their little ones up and down only to be seated in the dark part of the restaurant just doesn’t sound right nor fair to me.

One might argue that some families want to sit in a place where they cannot be seen but don’t worry this can be arranged for you downstairs if needed. I see no problems to sort that out. I do on the other hand see a problem for us who loves to watch street life and likes  to get some sunlight at our table when we have to sit upstairs like some attic looney starring at walls. It’s just not on ok.

So I suggest the gentlemen should sit upstairs since most of them are young and fit anyway. They can walk the stairs if the Saudis are sincere in their quest to look after women folk.

This single and family section thing is for you who do not know a way of making sure single men (and other) do not sit and oogle women when dining. So single sections are strictly for men. Not necesarily single men but for men that do not come in the company of a woman. Not that it really stops men from entering the family sections since they can enter with their sisters or other female family members anyway. I don’t really care about this thing since sitting in the family section feels pretty normal to me if it wasn’t for the darkness and the blooody stairs.

My 12 year old son expressed his thoughts on the singles sections the other day:
Hmm I don’t really get this thing with single sections. I thought they were there so singles could get dates. Or to have dates. But now it seems there are only men there.

Sweet hehe. 



1. Elisabeth - November 9, 2006

Din sons kommentar var helt underbar… 🙂
Men då informerade du väl som den goda muslimska modern som jag ju vet du är, att “Min son, nä så går det inte till… det är inte så att du fixar en date… det är jag din mor som fixar daten till dig! My choice rules!” 😉 hahahahahahahaha… skulle vilja se din sons min… hahahahaha Vet bara att min son hade satt något i halsen o sedan hade jag nog fått höra ett o annat… hahahaha

Kramar Elisabeth

2. LiB Team - November 9, 2006

They do have some backwarded rules in there now, don’t they? LOL

3. Sous - November 11, 2006

Jag brukar säga det till honom det (att jag fixar date till honom) men han verkar inte tycka det är roligt alls hehe. Förstår inte varför!

4. Sous - November 11, 2006

They sure do. Btw, I tried checking out your blog but I couldn´t go to the page for some reason. Any problems with blogspot lately?

5. LiB Team - November 14, 2006

Don’t know, they might have, it seems to be working from here. Don’t tell me that Saudi ISPs have blocked blogspot LOL

6. Sous - November 14, 2006

We are using satellite so most sites are accessible. Right now it’s only blogspot and their blogs that I can’t access. Really makes me grrrrr!

7. Pia - November 16, 2006

Hejsan. Some restaurants have no women’s section at all as far as I remember (in 1998), I guess they did not expect women to venture outdoors at all. But yes, I get your point. I have a knee injury so I might just avoid the second floor family section altogether and eat in another restaurant. So I take it they are not very wheelchair friendly then- not that I use one, but those poor souls who need one… Shame.

8. Sous - November 16, 2006

Hey, good point. How do females in wheelchairs get up there? Are they forced to stay at home?

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