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Bahrain November 4, 2006

Posted by Aella in Al Khobar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia.

Aaaah back! We had a great weekend and Bahrain is a really nice place. It took some time to pass through all the controls (passport, this and that) before we arrived in Manama which is  the only city on this little island.

Saudi Bahrani bridge

Da bridge between the two kingdoms
also known as King Fahd Causeway.

View from the Saudi side.

Once entering Bahrain we were greeted by this which made me really crack up laughing.

Bet they will get many calls.

With my sad sense of humour this made me laugh on and off all day. Mainly because it is such a bad way of approaching people. Who in their right mind will call themselves “sexually dysfunct”?  Ook he might say to himself, I might have a slight problem every now and then but I am sure as hell not dysfunct!

For lunch we went to Manamas Johnny Rockets burger place which had oooh so good burgers and the singing and dancing staff really made me laugh. It was really hilarious in a cheesy kinda way.

Johnny Rockers

Anyway, we spent our weekend with my sweet sister-in-law and her cute lil girls. Needless to say, lil one was partying the whole weekend, jumping up and down with balloons and fancy coasters (which she just loooves to play with). K had a great time too, especially when we went to the pool on the roof toop of their house.  Here’s the view from the top floor of their building.


I must say it was a relief to take of the abaya once we arrived even though I felt a lil odd and kinda naked (strange how quickly you get used to it huh). Not that anyone were looking at me. In Bahrain people dress as they like, women and men. You see all kinds of styles and that made me happy. I have no complaints about life here in Khobar but once we arrived in Bahrain I realised how much I have missed seeing women being part of society. Working at tills (cash register for you American speakers), driving cars, being waitresses and so on. It really makes a huuuuge difference and I think it is so important to have both men and women as part of every society. Bahrain made me feel like a human being again and not only as the Western person in an abaya. Anyway that’s how people live here in Saudi Arabia and it is not for me to argue about. It’s their fight if they want it.



1. Elisabeth - November 5, 2006

Underbart att ni hittat en andingshål som dessutom inte ligger alltför långt bort!! Jag kan föreställa mig kontrasterna mellan dessa båda länder. Mysko tanke med att i Saudi bara se män överallt o de kvinnor man ser går helt täckta i svart…. svårt att förlika mig med den bilden. Gissar att era resor över t Bahrein kommer att ske tämligen reglebundet. Glad för er skulle att ni har Bahrein så lättillgängligt!

Kramar Elisabeth

2. Sous - November 5, 2006

Tack Elisabeth. Vi kommer att åka ganska ofta tippar jag på. Ska åka nu på onsdag igen och det är som du säger verkligen ett andningshål.


3. ummadam - November 7, 2006

JOHNNY ROCKETS!!! That must be new in Bahrain, I use to live there about 5 yrs ago and don’t remember seeing it. However, I’m from Chicago and we have one there. As a matter of fact, I had a friend who worked there when I was a colege student, and he gave us free food!

4. Sous - November 8, 2006

Haha free food at Johnny Rockets sounds great! I guess it must be a new place in Bahrain then. I was told that a lot has changed in 5 years in Mannama.

5. LiB Team - November 9, 2006

Glad you liked Bahrain. There is a lot of fun things to do here and much more enjoyable than KSA. We cross the bridge to the other side every now n then tho.

Yes a lot has changed within the last 5 years in Manama and even the Manama views have been different due to the new buildings the World Trade Center and the Bahrain Financial Harbor plus other ongoing projects.

Hope that you come see more of us 😀

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