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Cows, monkeys and donkeys October 5, 2006

Posted by Aella in Saudi Arabia, Sweden.

So there I was. All happy yesterday after speaking to Connie at the Saudi embassy yesterday. She said in a sweet voice (probably didn’t remember who I was) that mmyes I gave the envelope with your visas to the driver yesterday (Tuesday) but he didn’t have time to post it so he will for sure post it today. Great, I replied. Put the phone down and wanted to weep a little from relief and joy.

Well fuck that was yesterday. Today, no paperslip showed up in the post saying I could get my passports today. Called Connie who gave me a number so I could track the envelope online. Did it work? Of fucking course not! Called again to check the number with her. Naa it was the right number. Uuuh, she goes, let me check with the guard. Guard I’m thinking, what guard? She comes back and goes, Naaa he hasn’t sent it yet. Sorry.

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do u mean he hasn’t sent it? Let me talk to him! But uhh naa he has nothing to do with this he is just a guard. What? How hard is it to post a envelope that is already stamped and addressed to a person?? Well he didn’t have time probably. Uhh what the hell do you mean?? You have already let us wait for this and that long blabnlablalbal shout shout shout Ramadan is now, Eid is soon, my husband is waiting for us BLABLABLABLABLA!!! Well uuh he is just a guard!! OOOH WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? IS HE DUMB?

And there she puts the phone down. Chicken bitch!

Turns out the she gave it to the driver who of course being from the Middle East knows that there is someone lower than him which is the guard and gives him the envelope. I mean, it would belittle both Connie and the driver if THEY HAD TO POST THE FUCKING ENVELOPE right? They are worth soo much more than that right? So the guard gets the envelope. And where is he from? Syria of course! So in a line with a cow and a monkey, we end up with a uuh uuh….donkey. Anyone wants tickets for the Saudi Zoo in Stockholm (not that anyone of these cretins seem to be Saudis though)?

So now I can’t book the tickets I wanted for Saturday since I simply cannot find them which probably means they are gone. And if we have to go on Monday or Tuesday there is a risk that SAS that we were supposed to fly with are on strike in Denmark. Fuck yes!

Am I being punked?



1. Elisabeth - October 6, 2006

Jag smäller av!!!! Skrattar så tårarna rinner brüden!!! Dü jiddra så jag väcka hela hüset o nü vara mitt-i-natta!!!

Dü galen brüd, gaarden ha viktiga küvären o känna macho i blodet o hålla halster o känna ännu mer macho så nü dü trigga Conni o bli arg gaarden för inte hinna hitta brevlåda. Gaarden inte bo hemma i Syria el åsnestall han bo i värsta Svärje landet o där inte lätt o vara macho o sen hitta var alla brevlåda bor!!!

Dü skriva så jag skratta magen ont, alla vaknar i hüset… nü dü lügn o fiin o andas djüpt kanske küvär i morgon i din brevlåda bor??!!!

Jag dööööööör… du är bäst!!! Bitska, pirayan är bäst yaoooh !!!!! Hür jag nü ska sova när jag skratt i hela kroppen har!!!

2. Sous - October 6, 2006

Loooooooooooool! Du är ju roligast ändå hahahah!! Sitter här mitt i natten o söker flighter blä!

3. Ahmed Anwar - October 6, 2006

Must say ur blog scares me to death. Ofcourse i always knew at the back of my mind how they would behave.
Unfortunately i would too have to interact with the ROYAL saudi embassy…if only someone told the staff that they arent supposed to behave like royalties.
Anyways my first brush with the embassy… I dialed and held the phone for 15 minutes and it seems everyones so busy these days. All i needed was an email address of the embassy, so i could atleast enquire of the procedure before hand.
I sure am gonna have a real hard time with me living in finland. All i need is to get my degree certificates verified and attested from them so that i can work in saudi now.
Btw if you have the email address, please consider passing it on to me.

4. Pia - October 12, 2006

Hei Ahmed, I hope you have had luck with the embassy. I am Finnish, but living in London and will soon need to apply for work visa inshallah. I have approached the embassy with a letter, I have not been able to find their email address.I also don’t have much time for hanging on the phone. Well, all I can do is to hope that my visa will arrive soon as I have have already resigned from my job here in London- the situation at work got intolerable. By the way, I have once applied for work visa at the Saudi embassy in Stockholm, and got it done real quick. That was in 2000, not so long ago.

5. Sous - October 13, 2006

I wish you all good luck with your visas. After all our hazzle to get it I expected a lot of hazzle once we arrived but noo… kinda surprised me. KLM didn’t give us the landing cards aboard and we even had a saudi guy filling them in for us with a smile (hope he didn’t write anything odd hehe). The only thing they reacted to was my bottle of peanut oil in one of the bags. Once I explained it was for cooking the customs guys laughed and said blablabla zet (oil and that’s all I could understand). Probably said ooh silly woman bringing oil to this country.

6. Pia - October 13, 2006

Sous, so pleased you have arrived. I will be following you inshallah, to Dhahran by KLM as well. Is it worth going to Stockholm myself, with all the paperwork and get them to stamp them…? Maybe not, after all they could refuse to do them. Is anything going to happen during Eid?
I am going to try and extend my notice period at work, may not be possible anymore. I could apply for a live-in carer work for the meantime, but I hope I’ll get to Dhahran before the end of 2006.

7. Sous - October 14, 2006

Pia, I don’t think it will be worth going there. As you said they can just refuse to sign things just like the consul did with some of our papers. Once we had sent in the application and all the papers it took about a week to get the passports back. I doubt they will lift a pen during Eid. If you are going to Dhahran then we must meet up sometime. What brings you to Saudi Arabia in the first place?

8. Pia - October 17, 2006

Hejsan! Thanks for the info, thank God I am lazy to travel anywhere so I will not be going to Stockholm- my mother (in Finland) is dealing with my paperwork instead. Tack ska du ha mamma! My mother ‘finlandsvensk’- I know I should be able to speak Swedish better than I do now. I am going to be working as a nurse, been in Riaydh before, for 5 years so been there, seen it, and I do wish to go back.

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