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Censored September 17, 2006

Posted by Aella in Sweden.

I’m sick of always censoring what I write. I hardly ever write what I really want to write nor what is really on my mind. Really sickens me. Not saying anyone is stopping me but there are some personal things (fings hehe) you just can’t write unless you want people around you to get upset or pissed off.



1. Elisabeth - September 18, 2006

Äh, vad fasen brüden!! Ös på!!! Att vissa blir uppretade el flyförb-de… så vaddå??!!!! Du skriver vad du vill o den som inte kan ta det kan ju låta bli att läsa, eller hur??!!!

So go Sous 🙂 var är den bitska pirayan som hugger med humor???!!!;)

Kram Elisabeth (medl i Sous fanclub)

2. Sous - September 18, 2006

Hehe love you Elisabeth :P! I will then.

3. Nuri - October 17, 2006

Write what you want! Unless… you’re not being anonymous

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