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End of summer as oppossed to endless summer September 10, 2006

Posted by Aella in Sweden.


Autumn has arrived and the last couple of days have been really beautiful. Some of the mornings are so crisp and amazing you just want to keep them somewhere to enjoy some time in the not so crisp future. In a big glas jar perhaps. I took this picture yesterday as I took a walk with little one.

Not much progress on the visa front. One thing I do know though, is that the Saudi consul here in Sweden do NOT have any interest in doing things the proper way. He has messed us about so many times now, refusing to sign and stamp papers that we need to apply for the visa. I am quite sure he does what he likes and how he likes it. Wouldn’t be too thrilled to work for someone like him. Incompetent, arbitrary and arrogant are three nice words to describe him. He really, really pisses me off. He should move to Israel since he seems to have the same morals and standards as the Israelis. Would fit in without any problems at all.

Anyway enough of this bitching. it’s not really going to make the progess any smoother. Things have been ok the last few days. Pretty calm and as mentioned before the weather has been great. I had a live tour of our house in Khobar the other day as my husband held the webcam as he walked around in there. It’s really nice and I am looking forward to sort it all out. Can’t wait to cook again aaaaah, miss it so much. And now with an electrical oven I will also bake more. Cakes and bread that is.

Will go out and get some Pippi Långstrump fabric for little ones room today. Now, she is phat at my son calls it.



1. Elisabeth - September 13, 2006

Det låter ju inge vidare denna väntan!!! Måste ju också vara jobbigt för mannen att vara ensam o längta efter både K o lilla A som han inte sett på evigheter! Hur går det m Ks skolgång, kan inte heller kännas bra att “halka efter” o komma in i en redan etablerad klass…

Lider med dig vännen o håller tummarna för att “viktigpettern” på ambassaden får tummen ur så ni kan resa till ert nya hem o bli en familj igen!!

Kramar Elisabeth

2. Sous - September 13, 2006

Tack Elisabeth. Ja, inge kul är det precis. Ville ju att han skulle vara där första dagen så att han kom in i klassen på en gång..men det ville sig ju inte. Vet att det låter dumt men det känns som om man är flykting i sitt egna land just nu. Jag kan ju inte säga att mitt hem är i KSA även om det egentligen är det, eftersom jag inte kan åka dit. Inte heller finns det här eller i Libanon. Suuck.. Men det blir nog bra till slut. Inshalla.

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