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Riding ridicule (yup) August 21, 2006

Posted by Aella in Saudi Arabia, Sweden.

It seems as if the Saudis are doing their best to keep people out of their country or is it just moi (prolly)? And what’s this about oh we want a proof of vaccine for this and that but ooh no we don’t need it now. Bloody waste of time and money. Never mind unless I will be forbidden to go there I will get there in the end. Guess it’s nice as my sister in law said to miss the August heat of the Gulf region.

Ceasefire didn’t last long (of course not with the Israelis involved). Will there ever be an end to this?

Feeling restless and as usual physically frustrated. Will need to eat something really good to ease that! Will be seing my sister and her family this weekend as we will all go to some friends for a gathering. Crayfish time again 🙂 (ya that’s an evil looking smiley, wordpress should really sort these freakin smileys out).

Got too much energy and not enough to do…

            Crayfish a' la Sweden



1. AM - August 23, 2006

Hey thanks for passing by.
Cute blog you have here!

2. Elisabeth - August 24, 2006

Kräftor är väl aldrig fel??!!! Ska själv frossa på lördag… 😉
Förstår om du börjar bli smått galen av väntan på visum 🙂 Håller tummarna för att det fixar sig snart så ni får återförenas snart hela familjen!

Kramar Elisabeth

3. Sous - August 26, 2006

Tack Elisabeth och mmja kräftor är ALDRIG fel. Skulle nog kunna äta det tills jag storknar. Ha det så trevligt med dina kräftor :P.

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