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The war rages on July 19, 2006

Posted by Aella in Beirut, Lebanon, Sweden.

So waz up? I’m watching the news, reading the news, hearing the news. But I can’t take it in. No, I can’t take in that what I call home has been destroyed. That the people I call mine have had to flee their homes and had to pay the price of life for a cause they did not recognise. No I can´t take it in.

My Lebanese dream is shattered. The streets are covered in cracked concrete. People in a shocked state are picking up their belongings. Children are crying. Mothers trying to comfort. But to what use? The Lebanese hope has been crushed once again. Sure the Lebanese will as always rise from the ashes and rebuild their country. They will always show the world their kick-ass-attitude….. but won’t there be a day when they can’t take it anymore? When they pack their bags and say farewell to this their beloved country once and for all? How many times can people go through this before they say enough? How many times?

No I can’t take it in. I keep crying inside and sometimes the pain finds it way out but I wipe my tears quickly. Sitting here crying is of no use.

Have started on the Saudi visa issue. After cursing them for taking lunch in the middle of the phone hours (10-13) I finally got hold of someone that promised to fax me some info. He faxed me something alright. Four blanc pages. Today I got hold of them again but this time I spoke to a friendly and helpfull man named Salem who promised to send me the info and he even knew not to put the fax upside down in order for me to get text on the pages. Bravo Saleem. I shall ask for him again. So now I need to get cracking on fixing medical certificates to prove I’m fit and healthy enough to live in Saudi and a bunch of other papers. My poor husband is already cracking up hearing me over the phone with my looney questions. May God bless him for his patience.



1. Zebster - July 20, 2006

Maybe those who live in my country and think this is “necessary” should walk in your shoes for just a day…the same punks who paid someone to keep them from having to settle their own fights as kids.

2. Sous - July 20, 2006

Yes, sure seems to be the same guys (I recognise them from the playground)

3. Elisabeth - July 20, 2006

Well I’m happy for yr an mostly perhaps for yr husbands sake that they had a Salem who knew how to handle a fax!

Well let me know when you are heading north…


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