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Stir it up July 12, 2006

Posted by Aella in Sweden.

 Great. Things seems a little shaky in the South of Lebanon. I will just wait and see where this will end. Feels like I can’t be asked to be all hyper about it since I know what things are like down there. One minute it seems like things will explode and next it is forgotten.

 Time has passed really quickly since I came here and I really don’t feel like leaving in a few weeks. It has been great to just be here. Have had some time to reflect on the past year. I’m happy I had time to do that since living abroad kinda takes a strain on your personality at times. Without you even noticing. Like, you are trying to fit in and somewhere along the way you lose touch with who you are and what you want. And where do you really fit into this new enviroment where you now live in?  Sounds odd? Hmm perhaps but I’m sure some can relate to it.

Anyway, my wicked friend S came here from Stockholm yesterday. Haven´t seen her since -97 in London. Had a really good time reminiscing our old days in London. Had forgotten so much but I guess it is a looong time ago.



1. Elisabeth - July 13, 2006

Förstår dig faktsiskt så bra… detta med att tappa bort sig själv, utan att man märker det. Då är det väl skönt att få komma “hem” där allt började en gång, hitta sig själv o sina rötter.

Vet ju var du ska vara de sista veckorna o önskar så du kunde stanna kvar i Sverige tills flytten el greja “eget boende”…
Vem vet, det är kanske en nü brüd som landar i Beirut o Saudi… hahaha 😉

Man ska vara rädd om sig… you can’t please everyone but you got to please yourself!!


2. Sous - July 13, 2006

🙂 du är alltid sötast Elisabeth :). Now you made me smile :). Tack. Stannar jag kommer jag kanske förbi.

3. Elisabeth - July 13, 2006

Du vet att du är alltid välkommen!!! Sommarrummet (gäststugan) har precis blivit klart o om jag får säga det själv så är det helt underbart!!

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