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Intimate secrets July 5, 2006

Posted by Aella in Sweden.

What is it about women and public toilets? I was in a pub the other day when I had to visit the ladies room. As I entered I noticed that the quite spacious area you clean your hands were empty. Still, I could hear about six voices blabbering. Sounded like twittering, excited but slightly stoned birds. And birds it was alright. Turns out that in the three toilet in there were at least two women in each toilet (one had at least three women). Sounds like any mans dream huh? Hot? Not. And what were they up to in there?

Well only God knows but it seems that once Swedish women had a few drinks they have an urge to share toilets with their friends. And intimtate thoughts. Unebelievable and uuh I say. Seems they were only actually doing what most people do in the toilets but, but, but they also blabbered and man was it sad to hear them. It went like: Uhhh yes, we are all different and uh yes I think so but he said to me…yeah yeah but I feel that I am growing as a person….but still we are all different and I think that it’s important to remember…..he doesn’t see me for who I am……uuuuuuuuuuuuh!! What these ladies do fail to remember in their drunken state is that everything said is heard by everyone and not only that…they sound terrible and pathetic. Pleassseeeee stop this toilet-timeshare-scheme ladies!!



1. Ibs - July 5, 2006

uhh, there you go, spoiled a fantasy of mine. 😦
Please tell me that this does not happen with the pillow fight scheme ?

2. Sous - July 5, 2006

Hahahaha never seen that scene in real life so you can keep it in your head until I do :P! Good to have u here!

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