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Sweden, Sweden, Sweden!!! June 29, 2006

Posted by Aella in Sweden.

Came to Sweden yesterday and damn it’s good to be here. Spent the first day in a haze cus we arrived here in Karlskrona at 4.30 in the morning. Didn’t realise until today that I haven’t changed the time on my mobile. I was one hour ahead.

Feels a little strange to be here, hearing my own language and seeing people that look like me (well a bit then ok). It’s nice and quiet, no traffic, people are calm and it’s bloooody freezing. Went out yesterday in a small vest and guess if I was cold. Couldn’t imagine it would be this cold. It was 15 degrees when we arrived and during the days it has been about hmm 19 and windy. It’s ok though. Like this better than the sweaty 30 degrees in Beirut which I just left behind.

I really like that it’s so light here in the evening. I took this pic at 10pm last night. Aaaalet there be light!


Finished emptying the flat before I left hamdulilla. And god it felt good. So damn good! So now all there is left to do is to fix the visas which will be done once we get back to Beirut end of July. I don’t miss the heat of Beirut, nor the social restrictions but sure I do miss the flavours of my darling Beirut ;).




1. Sofia - June 30, 2006

Ahhh, vilken härlig blogg! Den blir bokmärkt direkt! Måste ge mig tid att läsa allt, nån annan dag.

Ahh, vad jag skrattade när jag läste ”ostfrallor med räkost” mitt i all engelska! 😀

Kram, Sofia

2. Elisabeth - June 30, 2006

Väkommen hem brüden!! Nu har väl värmen även kommit t Karlskrona??? Här skiner solen fr klarblå himmel o vi har ca +20 redan nu på morgonen.

Ljuset är oxå det jag älskar mest i den svenska sommaren. Dessa underbara kväller o nätter!!!

Hoppas du får varva ner o lyssna till fågelkvitter, njuta av lugnet o de svenska svala nätterna. Tids nog så får du det “hett om öronen”…


3. Sous - June 30, 2006

Haha tack så mycket sejer. Kan rapportera att jag redan fått det hett om öronen. Det kommer snart bild på det hela :P! Ha det bäst!

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