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June June 1, 2006

Posted by Aella in Beirut.

Mr S has now left work. They had a farewell bash at Asia (some club in the same building as Buddah Bar in downtown) yesterday. Had a great time. Until my husbands boss decided to be all assy about our move and basically saying anything and everything on his mind.To me that is. Really pissed me off. For some reason he thought he has a say in our lives. And for some reason he thought I should have some kind of loyalty towards his company. Yeah whatever. Hate to spell it out but my loyalty in this case is located in my pocket.

We have just sold our car which is a relief. Not that we had a problem doing it but it’s good to have it done. Mr S is leaving in a few days….

We have also sold most of our furniture. Now there is only the dining room table, our bedroom set, cooker and washing machine yet to be sold. Will be really good once it is all done.

Can’t wait to go to Sweden. Will go by the end of June and stay a month. I really don’t care if the weather sucks, fine by me. We will come to Khobar end of July so we will have enough sunshine and heat (and humidity) to last us a lifetime. Really don’t like that part of the move. Guess I will just have to stay indoors til it gets a little better. Since most places has AC from what I understand, there will be plenty of places to spend my time in inshalla.



1. amanda - January 15, 2007

very nice

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